Java not enabled

No Java Virtual Machine enabled on your PC.

Please make sure that Secure Mail system requirements are fully met.

If your system meets the requirements and you already have Java Virtual Machine installed on your PC, you need to check and set the following settings in your browser:

Internet Explorer users:

Press the "Tools" button in the main menu, choose "Internet Options" and follow these two steps:

1) Open the "Security" tab. If do not mind your browser default settings, then just press "Default Level". If you prefer to keep your custom level, then press "Custom Level" and do this:

- Find "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" ->
  "Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting",
  and enable it;
- Find "Microsoft VM", and select "High safety";
- Find Scripting, and enable "Scripting of Java applets".

2) Open the "Advanced" tab, and enable Java Virtual Machine: if you have both Sun and Microsoft JVMs installed on your PC, then choose any (Microsoft VM is activated by checking "JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled"). You cannot enable both JVMs. Windows XP users should enable Sun JVM.

Netscape users:

1) Press the "Edit" button in the main menu;
2) Choose "Preferences" and select "Advanced";
3) Checkmark: "Enable Java", "Enable JavaScript",     "Enable JavaScript for Mail and News".

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